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Sen is a French artist of Indian origin who established his style in "Gesturism art.” Intensely searching for an ideology to transcend post modern art, he started experimentation with Gesturism art since 1994 in Paris. He believes a painter’s painting is a weapon to establish an ideology for tomorrow. To arrive at Gesturism, Sen had to immerse himself totally in the departure of Western European modern art movements since 1870. All the schools of art from Impressionism to Expressionism, Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Abstract to Minimalism to Neo-Expressionism are embedded in his mind’s eye. From that long and deep soak into the various significant art ideologies, Sen figured out a place for himself in Gesturism, applying different types of media like painting, charcoal drawing, water colour and pencil drawing.
In artistic revolt against digital computer art which somehow homogenizes human society, Sen created Gesturism with irregular deliberate strokes. This physical fine art medium stirs up the artist’s singularity and passion, making art unique and authentic. It overcome our indispensable slavery to digi-tech’s virtual unreality in art and signifies Unprompted, Vibrant breathing, Dynamic, Unique ideology, Endless purity, Psychedelic waves, Shock of difference, Fearless. Sen’s Gesturism colour palette is Indian, his inspiration is French.
Sen was born 1954 outside Kolkata in a refugee colony his family fled to from erstwhile East Bengal during India’s Independence. He lived upto adolescence in a mud house with thatched roof and bamboo walls without electricity, sanitation or potable water, yet yearned for France in search of artistic freedom. Sen left for Paris 1973 without completing his study at Government College of Art, Kolkata, with just $8, he could not afford more.
Initial money crunch in France and no immigration papers made Sen do a sweeper’s job in Atelier Gourdon, a lithographic printshop in Cachan outside Paris. Here he met world famous painters Erte, Leonor Fini, Alain Bonnefoit, Jean Carzou, Yves Brayer among others who mentored him. Sen hungrily learnt diverse imaginative metaphors and techniques of art application from the renowned artists while serving them in making their lithographs. Respecting Sen’s art and life situation, they would buy his paintings, encouraging him to develop his style and painting philosophy. To learn Western European art, Sen got accepted to study in two prestigious Paris institutions, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts from 1974 – 76 and Academie Julian (Ecole Superieure d’Arts Graphiques, Penninghen) from 1975 – 77. His education remained incomplete as he had to pursue commercial art activities for livelihood earning.
Sen has since become a globally acclaimed international consultant designer to top management in customer centricity through brand, industrial design and strategy. His full name is Shombit Sen Gupta. Highly sought after by various global corporations, he had traveled across 5 continents to strategize over 2000 brands and industrial designs for different global corporations. To illustrate an artistic design, among others, was an expensive liquor glass bottle for Remy Martin that has his signature engraved in it. Through this commercial design period Sen has continued his painting and displaying to private art collectors. He has authored 5 books, one in French and 4 business management books in English.
Sen’s first solo public art exhibition was at Indian Tourism Board, Paris in 1974. Since then his solo exhibitions in Paris included Musée de l’affiche, Rue du Paradis in 1993, Polaris Gallery in 1994 and Hotel Carlton in Cannes, France, 1989. In Kolkata he’s thrice had one-man shows at Academy of Fine Arts in 1980, 1982 and 1991; at Gallery 88, 1991, Oberoi Grand Hotel in 1992 and the Information Centre in 1999. His one-man show in Mumbai was at Jamaat Art Gallery, 1998. His schedule in 2015 is Tokyo International Art Fair, International Art Expo exhibition in Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy, International Fine Art Masters in historic Castle Hubertendorf in Austria, International Art Fair in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, Museum of Arts and Science Milan, Italy. In 2016 he will have a solo exhibition in Barbizon, France in arrangement with Maison-Atelier de Jean-Francois Millet Museum.
“Sen draws his creative force, joy of life and hope from his ongoing exchange with his environment. His paintings witness a relentless pursuit of truth, a truth that springs from the universals of light, color, gestures and matter that he plays with.” - Clement Berges, Curator, BOA Art Gallery, Paris “Through acts of mark-making, whatever Sen has done on two dimensional surfaces to indicate his retinal response, he has imbued it with joie de vivre. Sen has unequivocally declared that his Gesturism art celebrates life-like unpredictability; it is against mechanical predictability of much of digital art that post-modernism endorses.” - Pranabranjan Ray, Art Historian and Art Critic, Kolkata
“Great art offers emotional empathy where the artist conveys some form of truth, perhaps challenging and evolving, to the mind of the reader or spectator. Breathing Sen’s paintings, that’s what I’ve experienced since the beginning.” - Dr. Giorgio De Roni, Aviation Industry Specialist and art collector, Milan.
“To join Sen on his Gesturism journey is to accept an invitation to see the world as a process of ceaseless emergence, of hidden reality plunging into visibility. These forms are simple, generous, vivid: they give themselves to the viewer with great energy, holding nothing back.” - Dr Una Chaudhuri, Professor of English, Drama, and Environmental Studies, New York University

Sito web: www.sen-art.com


Artist Sen

Colour bath - Acrilico su tela - 107x117 - 2015

Exultant - Acrilico su tela - 50x50 - 2015

Flamenco - Acrilico su tela - 122x91 - 2014

Hope beyond smallest Parir road - Acrilico su tela - 117x107 - 2015

Josephine - Acrilico su tela - 41x41 - 2015

Retour d esprit - Acrilico su tela - 115x106 - 2010

Vézelay la Médiévale - Acrilico su tela - 106x116 - 2015

Virtual net - Acrilico su tela - 60x45 - 2015

Was my enerrgy giver at litho atelier - Acrilico su tela - 117x107 - 2015

Woman I love - Acrilico su tela - 112x88 (9 tele 36x28) - 2015

Otto Sguardi d`Autore 2015

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